Sunday, 29 July 2012

It's finally out!  My second book, 'A Silent Shore' is now available on Kindle and in paperback. (iBook, Nook, B&N etc coming soon...)

Here's the cover:

And here's the blurb:

"Haunted by a lifetime of regret and on the eve of his 80th birthday, Francesco Corbelli reassembles his family at the ancestral home, 'Il Rifugio', on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. His intention is to put right all the mistakes of the past and secure a future for his family.
His children expect a celebration. They are not prepared for the litany of lies and deceits that their father is about to reveal. This is a family already in pieces - will the truth finally bring them together or tear them apart forever?
Set in Umbria, 'A Silent Shore' spans three generations of the Corbelli family and warns of what can happen when pride and expectation come before love."

Reviews are just starting to come in....

"strongly written with genuinely touching moments"
"wonderful characters brought to life beautifully by the writing"

It's destined to be yet another roller coaster ride from an indie author's point of view - am teetering on the crest of the first hill as we speak.  So if you want to hear me laughing, screaming and crying over the next few weeks then head over to my webpage which will now be the only place to find my blog. Otherwise I shall continue my stream of unconsciousness over on twitter  whilst also updating everyone on special offers, new formats etc via my Facebook page.

Do hope you'll come and hold my hand.... Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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